Reach Your True Potential

A famous Harvard Business Review article reported that mentored executives earned more money at a younger age, were better educated, were more likely to follow initial career goals, and had higher career satisfaction. This isn’t all that surprising – experienced practitioners transferring wisdom is bound to do something! And you don’t need to be an executive to benefit from career mentoring; it can be used in all works of life, all careers and all professions.

At MentorMatchMe we realise that finding a mentor to give you the help and support you need isn’t always easy. But that is about to change! MentorMatchMe attracts mentors from just about every industry and job function. They will be able to provide you with advice:

  • On how to enter industries and professions
  • On how to progress within industries and professions
  • On specific job challenges
  • On specific industry challenges
  • On how to move job roles and industries
Good Chemistry

For mentoring to be truly successful there needs to be a good chemistry between mentor and mentee. So even if your profiles look to be a good fit, you will never really know until you start the mentoring process. For this reason, if after you commence your mentoring you feel the fit is not right then you are able to end the mentoring relationship by mutual consent and you are able to re-post the challenge.

Similarly, you may wish to post a number of different challenges and have a number of different mentors over time.