Any fund raising application will almost certainly require the submission of a Business plan. Business planning covers all import aspects of any Business Plan.
“Planning gives you a chance to make your mistakes on paper before you make them real.You can test your business proposition before you commit action.

Different Phases in Business Planning is as follows-

Market Overview

Market need & opportunity:

Determining unfulfilled need, Market gap, Opportunity, Target customers &demographics

Market size & analysis:

Thorough analysis market size, growth rate, market share etc.

Competitor analysis

POD of product, Dynamics of the product, Competitors analysis, SWOT analysis etc.

Strategic Overview

Summarizing your GO to Market strategy.

Define with respect to 4P’s-Product, Pricing, Place and Promotion Mix, 7P’s for service offerings.
Lay out the design and development plans .
Chalk out the revenue channel and revenue model.

Financial Overview

Financial planning will help show how profitable your business proposition is; How itgenerates cash and when (and how much) additional funding may be required.

Provides 5 year projection.


Financial Forecast would include:

  • Profit and Loss account
  • Cash flow statement and analysis
  • Balance sheet
  • Break-even analysis
Risk Factor analysis:

sensitivity analysis – what if situations